Top 3 Nutritional Habits to Start ASAP When Trying to Lose Weight


There are a lot of different myths and theories out there on what the best “diet” or types of foods to eat or types of food (ie. Carbs) are “evil” and must be avoided. In all honesty, if you want to lose weight there is one simple formula – Calories consumed must be less than the calories you expend. Therefore, you could literally eat BigMacs all day and lose weight if you are burning more than you are eating. However, in order to have all of our systems operating well, our bodies feeling well, and able to recover after workouts there are some smart choices and my top three things to start a weight-loss journey:

#1) Make sure your micronutrients are on point:

This means make sure you are getting the essential vitamins and minerals in for your body to function properly. Most people are deficient in at least one essential vitamin or mineral. This is the first step to your weight loss journey before trying any strict diet.

The easiest way to do this is to start taking a multivitamin and try to make a more conscious decision with your meals to eat more nutrient dense foods.

#2) Make sure you are drinking enough water.

            Most health authorities recommend at least 8 8oz cups/day which is approximately 2L. Of course if you are sweating a lot or in a hot climate you may need more. (1)Many studies support that energy levels and brain function start to decrease as we become dehydrated. Other studies suggest that drinking water and staying hydrated can temporarily boost metabolism by 24-30% (2) and aid in weight-loss – specifically by drinking 500 ml of water before a meal (3).

 #3) Eat your food slowly. DO add protein and DO limit simple sugars/ fast digesting carbohydrates.

            Lean protein and fat sources help keep you fuller for longer and help to stave off cravings of sugars or salty snacks that give you quick energy but don’t satisfy the hunger. Of course you need to get your veggies and fiber in so keep in mind that typical serving for quality carbohydrates for Men is 1-2 cupped hand full/ meal and women: 1 cupped hand full/meal.


Ultimately, food should be enjoyed! Try to make more health conscious decisions and eating healthy will become a lifestyle, not a chore! Don’t be afraid to reach out for help to make a positive change in your life 🙂






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